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    • Digital Portable Refractometer1. Temperature measurement range: 0℃-40℃(32℉-104℉)2. Precision of measurement temperature:±0.5℃(1℉)3. Dimension:135×65×40mm4. Net Weight:200g5. Power Supply: 2×AAA(1.5V)6. Wide choice-over 20 models available7. Automatic temperature compensation8. Automatic power managment Technical Specification:ModelScaleRangeDivison AccuracyWZB 35Brix (%)0~35%0.1±0.2Refractiv Index1.3330~1.39000.0001±0.0003WZB 45Brix (%)0~45%0.1±0.2Refractiv Index1.3330~1.40980.0001±0.0Learn More
    • Handheld RefractometerPortable refractometers are very commonly used which can be used for low, middle, and high resolution Brix concentration. The low range can be used for high-precision measurement such as fruit juice, tomato juice, cola and most kinds of beverage. The middle range can be used for concentrated fruit juice, canned food, sugar solution influsions, sauce, ketch up, seasoning and many kinds of industry fluids. The high range is suited for use with food products of high sugar content such as liquid sugLearn More
    • Bench-top Abbe RefractometerCharacteristic: ² Measure the refractive index nD, the average dispersion nF-nC of transparent or translucent    liquid or solid substance and mass fraction (Brix) of cane sugar solution; ² Wide utilization in the fields as petroleum, oil, pharmaceutical, paint, food, chemical and sugar    refining industries, as well as in geological prospecting enterprises, colleges, universities and       scientific research Learn More

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