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    • Multi-Parameter Water Quality AnalyzerFeatures:1. The concentrations of chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and turbidity were directly determined.2. The results of the determination are displayed on the LCD screen.3. It supports data analysis function and has the function of automatically makeing analysis curve.4. It can transmit the current data and all stored historical data to the computer, and support USB transmission and infrared wireless transmission. (selecting).5. Self-cLearn More
    • Multi-Parameter Water Quality AnalyzerThis instruments is eighth generation 4-parameter water quality analyzer. This instrument is simple to use, high accuracy and full-featured.  Main Features:1. Can determination COD, ammonica, nitrogen, total phosphorus and turbidity.2. Set. Colorimetrics system, digestive system and timing system in one.3. High detinition color LCD, humanized operation and simple to use.4. Intelligent data analysis, data analysis at glance.5. Can change font size, data display more Learn More

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