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    • Mini-Centrifuge MC SeriesApplications:The MC-6,MC-7,MC-10 is available with some different rotor configurations. The strip tube model holds two 8x0.2ml PCR strip tubes or 16 individual 0.2ml tubes. The standard model accommodates 6x1.5/2.0ml tubes directly and smaller tubes with adapters. Both 0.5ml and 0.2ml adapters are supplied with the standard unit. Operation of the centrifuge begins when the lid is closed. The rotor is quickly accelerated to 6000/7200rpm. Upon opening the lid, the rotor comes to a stop.TechniLearn More
    • Mini-Centrifuge MC-4/6 SeriesApplications:MC-4/6 Series Mini-Centrifuge is compact and cost effective, allowing any workstation to be equipped with a "personal" mini centrifuge. It includs 2 quick release interchangeable rotors, two speed options (4,000rpm & 6000rpm). The electronic brake can reach quick deceleration to reduce handling time.Specification TypeMC-4/6-1MC-4/6-2MC-4/6-3Capacity8X1.5/2.0ml tube rotor4 place PCR strip rotor6x1.5/2.0ml6x0.5ml tubes 2-8x0.2ml PCR strip rotor48well 50ul PCR plate rotor4x5mlLearn More
    • High Speed Mini-Centrifuge MC-14Features: 1. Extremely quiet. Low noise levels.2. LCD display. Easy-to-follow digital display.3. Capacity: 12 x 1.5/2.0ml tubes.4. Separate short-spin key.5. Low sample heating (only 12°C after 30 min, at max. speed).6. Autoclavable rotor (121 deg.C, 20min).7. RMP/RCF setting as required.8. Includes standard rotor made of anodized aluminum.9. Timer can be set up to 99min.10. The small size of the unit makes it convenient for use on the bench, under a hood or inrefrigerated environLearn More
    • Mini-Plate CentrifugeApplication:Mini-Plate Centrifuge is the first one adopted an unique design for the horizontal rotor centrifuge (Patented) in the world. The plate or tubes set into the rotor with 2pcs slope-rotor-shelf. It can quickly spin down droplets and condensation and is for use before and after therml cycling to improve PCR yield and other tests. The MPC-22 combines functionality, easily operation and comfort – a lot of “high” qualities to come standard in one compact micro-centrifuge.Specification:Learn More

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