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    • BG-verSEQUENCING(W) DNA Electrophoresis ApparatusIntroduction:BG-verSEQUENCING (W) can separate DNA and RNA fragments with one nucleotide difference well. It is suitable for SSCP, microsatellite analysis, oligonucleotide separation and so on. Its unique thermal design can maintain a balanced temperature, and eliminate the phenomenon of "Smile" and the outfall located in the sealing of the upper buffer chamber can be easily discharged buffer.Features:It uses aluminum alloy plate and buffer heat, has a high heat dissipation effect. The shark-tooLearn More
    • BG-verBLOT Vertical Mini-transfer Electrophoresis ApparatusFeatures:1.   It consists of heat-resistant and flexible polycarbonate.2.   It can quickly transfer the gel of two 95×110mm within one hour by high current or overnight transfer by low current.3.   It built-in BAY-ICE ice box which is a high-capacity cooling device and&Learn More
    • BG-verMIDI Vertical Electrophoresis ApparatusIntroduction:BG-verMIDI standard vertical gel tank can do 1-4 blocks (WH125 × 140mm or 125 x 110mm (two sizes) gel electrophoresis and the electrophoresis experiments of 104 samples within the same time .It is suitable for polyacrylamide protein, nucleic acid electrophoresis and the second dimensional of two-dimensional electrophoresis. It built-in cooling channel and you can add the BG-chillerE05 thermostatic circulator to achieve the purpose of precise temperature control. The hand plastic irrLearn More
    • BG-verMINI Vertical Electrophoresis ApparatusIntroduction:The BG-verMINI cell is dual vertical electrophoresis system performs vertical gel electrophoresis on mini-format gels. The basic unit includes electrophoresis modules, casting stand and glass plates with permanently bonded gel spacers that simplify hand casting and eliminate leaking during casting, Each module holds one gel sandwich, 10 cm wide and up to 10.5 cm long. One gel can be cast in place on each electrophoresis module.A wide range of accessories, ordered separately, lends tLearn More
    • BG-transBLOT Vertical Mini-transfer Electrophoresis ApparatusFeatures:BG-transBLOT mini-transfer core can do small gel transfer experiments clipping and high quality. It consists of thermal and elastic polycarbonate injection molding, built-in cooling unit which can quickly absorb the heat transfer process and the limit function and the color difference can ensure the transfer process orientation.Specifications:1. Transfer size: 95×110mm(W×L).2. Transfer quantity: 1~2.3. Use:1~3 hours by high current or overnight transfer by 50~60mA.4. Recommended Power: Learn More
    • BG-caTANK Immune Horizontal Electrophoresis ApparatusApplication:1. BG-caTANK can be used for immune electrophoresis and cellulose acetate membrance electrophoresis.2. Immune electrophoresis is a qualitative method for the analysis of the antigen composition and it is a combination of gel electrophoresis and double agar diffusion.3. Cellulode acetate membrane (CAM) is a simple, rapid separation of biomolecules and the most widely used is the serum protein CAM electrophoresis.4. The two methods above are so save the sample,high specificity and resoLearn More
    • BG-subMAX Horizontal Electrophoresis ApparatusFeatures:BG-subMAX is specially designed for multi-sample and high-throughput analysis. It greatly facilitate large-scale PCR products which can do 306 samples within the same time and support the 51 hole electrophoresis comb and 8 and 12 volley. The long gel tray of it is the idea choice for Southern blot, Northern blot and RFLP.Specifications:1.   Gel area (W x L): 25 x 20cm.2.   Combs thickness: 1.0mm and 1.5mm.3.   Teeth of the comb: 26 holes and 51holes.4. Learn More
    • BG-subMIDI(V) Horizontal Electrophoresis-Transmission AnalyzerIntroduction:Traditional DNA electrophoresis method is based on the electrophoresis tank and transilluminator, but this method can only see the final results of the electrophoresis and can not be real-time observation of the whole process of electrophoresis. BG-subMIDI(v) integration of the function of the electrophoresis tank and gel transilluminator. Nucleic acid sample can be real-time observation by using it.BG-subMIDI (v) the design beautiful, clever, full set of instruments can be split anLearn More

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