2019 ArabLab exhibition in Dubai

3/25/2019 4:29:44 AM

In 2019, A&E Lab attend the ArabLab exhibition again as before.

ArabLab exhibition is a big and famous exhibition for lab and medical instruments and consumables. It always hold in Word Trade Center in Dubai. In 2019, the exhibition time has shorted to be 3 days, from March 12th to 15th. Normally since March 10th, suppliers will start off from different countries to join this exhibition, of course, many purchaser also will come here to search for high quality supplier, also some end users will come here to purchase some samples after checking quality directly. It is really a good time to built business cooperation after talking and checking face to face.


On March 11th, we have delivered to Dubai already, and after eating breakfast, we start off to the Worder Trade Center to prepare our booth. Below is our booth picture, you can see there are 4pcs poster on the wall to show our advantaged items, including Electronic Pipette, Flame Photometer, PCR Cycler, Color-touch Melting Point Apparatus. Meanwhile, this time we also bring some samples, including Color-touch screen Spectrophotometer, Nano-technology Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate, Electronic Automatic Pipette, Flame Photometer, Melting Point Apparatus, Pen type/Portable/Bench-top pH Meter, Portable Turbidity Meter. They are all our advantaged items and we are proud of their highest quality and want to show to more customers.

pic 2.jpg

Among all the samples, we would like to recommend some of them:
1.Colorful Touch Screen Melting Point Apparatus:
Most clients knows that our melting point apparatus are hot-selling in the past year, and we have upgraded models from DMP-100 to DMP-200/300 in 2017, and then upgraded to DMP-400/500 with 3 samples in 2018. In the begin of 2019, our R&D department upgraded them to colorful touch screen with easier operation and observation. Now the latest models are DMP-600 (320℃, 3 samples, can connected with printer) and DMP-800 (400℃, 3 samples, with cooling function, can connected with printer).

pic 3.jpg

2.Electronic Automatic Pipette:
After 2 years stop production and R&D, finally we developed our new models, which including all advantages of all brands’ pipette. What’s more, we are the first and only company who have single channel, 8 channel and 12 channel electronic pipettes. Currently, we have the largest LCD screen, new technology rotary knob for fast adjust volume, chargeable battery, fully autoclave tips mouth etc. Currently we have more than 10 volume range to meet different application.

pic 5.jpg

3.Flame photometer:
This is our unique item, and customers can choose any elements combinations for required flame photometer. All models are standard with both air compressor and micro-printer (not including 2pcs economic models). They have combined all advantages of current models in the whole China market.

pic 4.jpg
During March 12th to 15th, many many clients came to our booth to talk with us, check our items. Some are our old friends, we meet in Dubai every year to talk and find problem and good ways to promote future cooperation. Some are old but also new friends, they came to Dubai each year but has never buy any items from us, this time, they purchased samples form our booth directly to test their market, I am sure that we will cooperate more and more better in the future. And the rest are totally new friends to us, they wanna check whether there is any supplier who can offer high quality and good service to them, and they found us, we exchange business card each other for future deeply communication.

Of course, more and more professional customers came to our booth to check our unique items, especially our flame photometer, electronic pipette and melting point apparatus. After introduction, we have won many praise on products’ quality and features. This year, the biggest gains for A&E Lab is that many customers has show their willing of being exclusive distributor of appointed items in their country. We are sure, in the future, A&E Lab will be the most popular Chinese brand in the field of laboratory instruments, when anyone talk A&E Lab, they will remind of high quality laboratory items.

If any interests to get more information on A&E Lab items, you can go through our website www.aelabgroup.com.

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