Wonderful Trip in Guilin

1/5/2019 12:09:36 PM

A Wonderful Tour in Yangshuo


To enrich the amateur life of our staff and enhance the communication and cooperation between the colleagues, we chose Yangshuo, Guangxi Province as a tourist destination, so that A&E Lab family is more harmonious, thus enhancing the cohesion of the enterprise.

On the morning of June 14th, we set out from Guangzhou South Railway Station and arrived at Yangshuo at 11 a.m.. When we arrive at our destination, we can see a variety of peaks and show their beauty. Then, we went to the restaurant to have a full meal. 


At this time, one of the customers sent an urgent e-mail. Our colleague, Monica, insisted on  the enterprise values, loved the job, and did not move to the full table food.

Let's go to the hotel first and rest for a while. As the saying goes, "Guilin Scenery is the best place in the world, and the scenery of Yangshuo is Guilin".  To Yangshuo, it is essential to visit the mountain of Xiang Gong,and Shiwaitaoyuan.

In the evening, we had a dinner on the bamboo raft of the Lijiang River. We enjoyed the sunset glow while we were drinking, talking, sharing our thoughts through the glasses. 


On the next day, we went to the Silver Rock. Each place in the cave is an independent landscape, and the distant view forms a strange landscape world. Later, we went to Maling Ancient Village, which is built on the mountain with five thousand years history of Dong culture, simple and natural.

In the afternoon, we experienced the bamboo raft tour of the Li River. The Lijiang River scenery has the reputation of green mountains, clean water, rare caves and beautiful stones. The 83 kilometer Lijiang River from Guilin to Yangshuo is the essence of the Lijiang River, which make us feel like impressively "walking on a boat and swimming on the waves".

In the afternoon, all employees took the high-speed rail back to Guangzhou. The tour of Yangshuo was end. This trip let everyone feel the affection outside of the work, and let the new colleagues realize that this is a harmonious team and that A&E Lab is a warm family.

After a review of this wonderful trip, we began to prepare for the new round of work. It is believed that everyone will devote themselves to work with more energy and higher enthusiasm, to contribute their own strength to A&E Lab and to build the family together, because we are a family.

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