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    • Automatic Polarimeter SGWApplicationThe Polarimeter is an instrument used for determining the optical rotation of substances. In this way, the concentration, content, purity, etc of certain substances can be found out. Therefore, the polarimeter has become one of the most useful instruments in laboratories of sugar industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil refining, foodstuff industry, chemical industry, universities and scientific research field. CharacteristicsUse the incandescence lamp plus filter stand for sodium Learn More
    • Manual Polarimeter WXG-4ApplicationPolarimeter is an instrument which measures the optical rotation of substances. It can be used in analyse the concentration, content & purity of substances. Agriculture: Analysis the content of Agriculture Antibiotics, Farm Hormone & Microbial Pesticides.Medicine: Analysis Antibiotics, Vitamins, Glucose & Chinese Herbal Medicine or Pharmacological Research.Food: Sugar, MSG, Soy Sauce Production Control & Inspection.Oil: Analysis Mineral Oil, MoLearn More

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