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    • Online Turbidity MeterApplicationsWGZ Series scattered light turbidity meter is used for measuring the scattering degree of the lights generated by the insoluble grain matters suspended in water or transparent liquids, with capability to characterize the content of these suspended grain matters. It adopts the Formazine standard solution of turbidity specified in international standard ISO7027, and NTU as the measure unit.It can be broadly applied in the measurement of turbidity in power plants, waterworks, Learn More
    • Portable Turbidity MeterCharacteristics1. Compact in size, novel in design & LCD display with suitcase package.2. Succinct operation, suitable measurement range & higher performance.3. Low daft, High Accuracy, Nice Stability ensure long-time & stable running.4. Unique positioning structure & high precision pptical system effectively guarantee measuring values accuracy and repeatability.5. Lower consumption and AC & DC power supply convenience for operating outside or laboratory.6. With lowLearn More

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