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    • Illumination & Climate IncubatorMicroprocessor controller (with timing function)SummaryWidely applied in cultivation of biological histolytic, seed gemmating, breeding test, plant cultivation and feeding of insects andbeasties. The incubators can simulate different climatic conditions accurately.Features1.Microprocessor controller for temperature and humidity ensures of precise and reliable control.2.Simulate changing temperature and light in day/night3.Independent temperature-limiting alarm system ensures experiments runLearn More
    • CO2 IncubatorWith imported infrared CO2 Sensor(Professional CO2 Incubator for Cell )Features1.CO2 concentration Restoration Speed2.Polished stainless-steel chamber, semicircular arcs at corners for easy cleaning, and the space between the shelves in the chamber is adjustable.3.Microorganism filter at inlet provides 99% filtration of bacteria and dust (Ф<0.3um) and supplies pure CO2 into the incubator.4.Door temperature controller prevents dewfall on glass door of incubator effectively.5.IndependentLearn More
    • BOD Incubator/Mold incubatorMicroprocessor controller (with timing function)Summary:Serve for environmental protection, hygiene and anti-epidemic, pharmaceutical test, workstock and aquatic products etc. which applied in scientific research institute, college and manufacture department. It is a dedicated constant-temperature equipment for analysis of water body, BOD test, cultivation and storage of bacteria,moulds and microorganisms, plant cultivation and seed-breeding test.Features:● Polished stainless-steeLearn More

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