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    • Food & Pharmaceutical Vacuum Freeze DryerApplicationsThe AE-LYO series is used for the freeze-drying of more than 20 kinds of foods such as meat, vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, beans, beverages, soup and health products. Its products meet the requirements of natural, nutritious, and convenient consumption. Suitable for freeze drying Coptis, Angelica, Fritillaria, Tianma, Honeysuckle, Salvia, Yuanhu, Saffron, Ginseng, American Ginseng, Astragalus, Glycyrrhiza, North Adenophora, Poria, Campanulaceae, SafflLearn More
    • Laboratory Vacuum Freeze DryerApplicationsVacuum freeze dryer is widely used in medicine, pharmacy, biology research, chemical industry and food production, etc. After feeze drying processing, a lont term perservation for material is much easier. They can be restored to original state and maintain their chemical and biological characteristic after being watered.* Types: A: Standard type, B: Top-press type, C: mainfold type, D:mainfold with top-press type, E: T-type.  Technical SpecificationsModelAE-FD10AE-FD12/12SSLearn More

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