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    • Digital Rotating ViscometerNDJ-1S Digital Rotary ViscometerFeatureNDJ-1S digital rotary viscometer features quick and easy operation, high precision measurement, steady rotating speed, excellent anti-interference ability and a wide range of working voltages (110V, 220V, 50Hz, 60Hz all are available). It can show measured value’s percentage rate of the entire measuring range, which is convenient for the user to choose appropriate rotor and speed for accurate measurement. FunctionsNDJ-1S is an intelligent instrument emLearn More
    • Rotating Viscometer NDJ-7FunctionsNDJ-7 series rotational viscometer is a precision instrument for the purpose of measuring absolute viscosity of Newton liquid as well as apparent viscosity of non-Newton liquid. Combined with specific rotor, it can also test rheological property of non-Newton liquid. It is featured by many advantages such as easy operation, stable performance and simple maintenance. Technical SpecificationsModelNDJ-7Measurement range1~1×106mpa.sRotor specificationⅡ、ⅢRotating speed of rotor750 Learn More
    • Portable Coating Viscometer NDJ-5FeatureCoating-4 cup is a portable viscometer featured by easy operation and stable performance, of which flow cup and flow outlet are made of anti-corrosive materials. FunctionsThis instrument is applied to measure kinematic viscosity of Newton and post-Newton fluidized coating as well as for comparison measurement if necessary. Technical SpecificationsRange of measurement time: 30s≤t≤100sCapacity of flow cup: 100mlAmbient Temperature: 25±1°CTolerance scope: ±3%Learn More
    • Rotating Viscometer NDJ-1 & NDJ-4NDJ-1 Rotating ViscometerFeatureMultiple optional rotating speeds satisfy different measurement ranges. Universal couple is equipped for simple installation and easy operation. FunctionsIt is used to measure viscous resistance of all fluid such as: grease, paint, food, drug, adhesive and cosmetics as well absolute viscosity of liquid. Technical SpecificationsMeasurement Range: 1-1×105mpa.sMeasurement Tolerance: ±5% (newtonian liquid)Rotating speed of rotor: 6, 12, 30, 60circle/mRoLearn More
    • Electrophoresis Power SupplyModelDYY-2CDYY-6C Photo          Features1. We adopt the microcomputer processor as the control center of DYY-2C, ON/OFF switch;2. DYY-2C has the following strong points:small, light, high output-power, stable functions;3. The LCD can show you the following the same time: voltage, electric current, pre-assigned time, etc.;4. It has the warning function of timing;5. It has the function of storing the operation paraLearn More
    • Horizontal System Electrophoresis CellModel: DYCP–31DNFeatures:• Made from high quality Poly-carbonate, exquisite and durable;• It is transparent, convenient for observation;• Withdrawable electrodes, convenient for maintanence;• Easy and simple to use;• Special gel casting device for easy and fast gel casting operation;• Black band on the gel tray make it convenient to load the samples and observe the gel;• Save buffer solution;• Power fails when you open the lid  for users’safe;•&nLearn More
    • Vertical System Electrophoresis TankModel: DYCZ-24DNDescription: DYCZ – 24DN is a delicate, simple and easy to use system. It is manufactured from high poly carbonate with platinum electrodes. Its seamless, injection-molded transparent base prevents leakage and breakage. This system is very safe for the users. Its power source will be turned off when user opens the lid. The special lid design avoids making mistakes.Features:• Different combs and spacers is available;• Transparent tank for visibility withouLearn More
    • Semi-auto Biochemistry AnalyzerCharacteristics:1. Stream line design, nice appearance.2. Self calibration and trouble alarm function.3. Absolutely open system: both of programming and reagent.4. Warning tone for finished sipping and any other ready function.5. Function sketches on main menu, the software is simplicity, easy and fast operation.6. Real time curve monitoring enhances the reliability of result.7. Memory for 100 programs and 20000 test results, results tracking by date.8. OnLearn More

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