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    • Blue Light TranssiluminaterFeatures1. Safe: visible light series instrument use the visible light instead of ultraviolet light, do not have to choose EB to avoid the damage of UV and EB, which can effectively protect the experimenter, samples and environment.2. Sensitive: AE the-gdsSAFE can detect the DNA of dozens pg by using with new nucleic acid dye GeneFinderTM and SYBRGreen. Its sensitivity is 5-10 times higher than the EB.3. Convenient: visible light is safe for humans and the nucleic acid sample, the userLearn More
    • Blue Light TransilluminatorProduct descriptionDUT-48 The Blue Light Transilluminator is used for the observation of gel electrophoresis. It uses LED light to observe or shoot various dyes. LED light is strong illumination with no harm. It is long life, smart and portable. Features1. Blue light prevent users’ easily exposed parts from uv damage.It’s also no damage for DNA fragments.2. With 108 pieces of LED light, long life and strong illumination. Suitable for observation of large range of  fLearn More
    • UV AnalyzerProduct descriptionBTU-6 Black-box type UV analyzer can send out long and short wave uv light with high UV intensity ,good stability and easy operation. It’s reliable and popular among customers. Mainly used in scientific research, production and other fields.Use widely available in biochemistry, medicine, samples of DNA, RNA electrophoresis gel observation analysis, detection of protein, nucleotide, etc. ApplicationIt can be widely used in genetic engineering, molecular genetics, microbiolLearn More

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