• Fluorescence/NIR Spectrometer
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    • NIR Spectrophotometer Features* Transmission NIR,mainly used for liquid samples qualitative and quantitative analysis, applies to gasoline, drinks, milk and other areas of nutrients, water chemistry and other physical properties of the rapid non-destructive analysis determination.* Single-channel whole spectrum scanning. * Easily updated.* Fast scan, wavelength calibrates time from 1000nm to 1800nm less than 1 minutes.* Built in SCM technology, auto 0% and auto background subtraction.ApplicationsApplicLearn More
    • Fluorescence Spectrophotometer F97Brief IntroductionF97 fluorescent spectrophotometer is a new generation of high performance molecular luminescence analysis instrument. The product structure is exquisite, has the characteristics of high detection sensitivity, fast scanning speed, wide spectrum measuring range, high dynamic range, fast 3D scanning, and so on. Easily meet the requirements in the field of material research, pharmaceutical analysis, biochemical and clinical testing, water quality analysis and control, food safety tLearn More
    • Fluorescence spectrophotometer AE-R96PROFeatures* Two operation mode could be chosen: fluorescence intensity and luminous intensity. Fluorescence scanning, kinetic determination and quantity analysis could be done under fluorescence intensity mode.* 365nm exciting wavelength; * Raman peak of water in 1 cm quartz fluorescence cuvette S/N≥150; * High performance sensitivity simplifies the measurement of low detective sample.* 10 stages gain adjustment could be chosen for emission spectrum scanning , includiLearn More

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