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  • Gel Imaging and Analysis System Training

    This entry was posted on 11/28/2019 1:10:41 AM

    On 2nd of November, we offer our regular customer a professional training of Gel imaging and Analysis machine.

    Gel Imaging and analysis system also called gel documentation and analysis system, it is designed for the detection and documentation of nucleic acids and proteins in electrophoretic gel. They are always essential instruments in many field, especially molecular biology, hospital clinical.

    Our machines are with high resolution and exclusive sensitivity CCD, which can ensures the unrivalled definition for low limits of detection without losing bands. Also its powerful image analysis software can help researchers get clear image photos and detailed analysis result rapidly and accurately.

    After a complete introduction (application, construction, maintainance etc.) of this machine, engineer shows operate methods to customers step by step. Also our customer has operated the machine by himself again, until all information and operation steps has been learned. Both of us learned a lot from each other, customer know more about this machine, we know more information about their market and know how to serve for our customer better in future!

    Training .png

    And everyone, we will try our best to provide professional service to you, and assist you develop your market better!

    P.S.: Besides gel imaging and analysis system, we also can offer automatic pipette, mixer/rocker/shaker, thermal cycler, gel electrophoresis system, sterilizer, hotplate stirrer etc. If any concerns on biochemistry, welcome to contact us!

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